Thematic Review Experts

AML Analytics has many years of experience working with Regulators and supervisory bodies in different jurisdictions to undertake Thematic Reviews of AML systems using our unique RegTech and SupTech tools. We are the only company to have carried out this process on multiple occasions with Regulators around the globe.

We will use our unique technologies during the review process to independently test the systems of regulated entities acting on behalf of a Regulator and according to their specific instructions.

The process enables Regulators to gain important supervisory insight into the screening and monitoring strengths and weaknesses of their regulated entities as well as allowing a Regulator to investigate and identify any key risks that are emerging or prevalent within their jurisdiction and to take timely and appropriate action.

Our trusted solutions allow Regulators to monitor their markets and promote a holistic overview of the systems used by regulated entities with the reassurance that independent system testing has been carried out to international best-practice standards.

AML Analytics will bring technical expertise, system knowledge and resource to perform reviews of the AML systems used by regulated entities, ensuring the Thematic Review process is simple and straightforward for Regulators.