Communication Portal

Analyser Online is our web-based communication portal and is used by all AML Analytics customers. It is the most advanced, hosted testing facility for sanction screening and transaction monitoring systems in the world and uses a format that is secure, simple and transparent. 

The portal provides a single point of entry for customers using secure login credentials to view and analyse their AML/CFT system test results. It assists customers with the diagnosis of specific weaknesses in their anti-financial crime systems in terms of efficiency and effectiveness using easy-to-understand metrics and graphs.

Test results are available in Analyser Online as soon as a result file has been uploaded into the portal and can be accessed securely using unique login credentials.

Analyser Online can also be used to download Global Benchmark test files.

View and analyse results

Analyser Online provides clear visuals of the number of sanction records that have hit (or alerted) and missed during testing in the form of colour-coded pie charts and graphs. Results are displayed in percentage form and include a Control score and a Manipulated score.

The system enables customers to view the sanction lists from which test records have been selected as well as algorithms that have been applied to sanction records to test the fuzzy logic matching capabilities of a sanction screening system. 

Test results can be analysed in granular detail by clicking on the graphs to view hits and misses one by one with a level of detail that is now expected by Regulators. This will assist with the understanding as to why a specific record may have been missed by a screening system.

Analyser Online will also help customers ensure that the configuration of filters is correct and that false positive rates are manageable.

For Red Flag Test and TMV customers, our portal provides high level overview dashboards and data analytics for each Suspicious and Non-Suspicious Scenario in the form of colour-coded charts and graphs so that a financial institution will be able to understand performance levels and system limitations. 

Drill down into the graphs for a detailed analysis of alerts generated per segment and transaction type, with a level of granularity that is now expected by Regulators. The tool will enable customers to easily identify and analyse hits and misses from each Scenario in a test and facilitate understanding about performance levels and limitations of their transaction monitoring systems.

Analyser Online provides full reporting capabilities where all transactional data, entire transaction sequences and overall results can be easily accessed.



Upload test result files quickly and easily into Analyser Online using the intuitive drag and drop feature or browse for a file you need


Instantly view test results in Analyser Online as a percentage score for Control and Manipulated sections of the test


Advanced analysis tools within Analyser Online provide granular level details about every sanction record that has hit or missed


Understand specific sanction screening system weaknesses by viewing test result metrics for each algorithmic manipulation


Print and download reports from Analyser Online for each test, choosing the report style and format required



Access high level overview dashboards and data analytics for each suspicious and non-suspicious scenario



Download monthly Global Benchmark test files from Analyser Online. As soon as your tests are available we’ll let you know


Build your own Sandbox tests in Analyser Online according to your specific requirements and risk appetite

Threshold Analyser

Identify optimum threshold parameters with Threshold Analyser tuning screening systems to improve efficiency scores without additional sanctions risk


Access our free Sanctions Alert Service in Analyser Online for details of updates to sanction lists worldwide in real time