About Us

AML Analytics are world leaders in the testing and validation of sanction screening and transaction monitoring systems used by regulated financial institutions for protection against the risks associated with financial crime. Click to find out about Global Benchmark, Sandbox and Red Flag Tests. We also test the AML/CFT systems of crypto exchanges and virtual currency businesses. 

Our innovative tests establish the effectiveness and the efficiency of sanction screening and transaction monitoring systems to help traditional and non-traditional financial institutions meet regulatory requirements, minimise exposure to financial crime risk and ensure robust detection systems are in place. We currently work with several of the largest banks in the world and we have tested many thousands of AML/CFT systems since our incorporation in 2010.

AML Analytics also assists financial regulators, supervisors and central banks around the globe with Thematic Reviews. We deliver high level technical expertise and advanced SupTech to test and validate the AML/CFT systems of regulated entities. Detailed analytics provide insight and understanding about prevalent and emerging risks in a market. To date, we have worked with over 30 different regulatory authorities across the globe to test the systems of over 500 regulated entities.  

AML Analytics is an established and trusted AML/CFT technology company with a team of talented professionals delivering unrivalled RegTech and SupTech solutions to our customers. Our progressive research is shaping the future of the anti-financial crime technology market through innovation.

Technology Driven Risk Mitigation

AML Analytics now incorporates AMLC, our own specialist consulting division. Our AMLC experts work with financial institutions, corporates, crypto businesses, governments and regulatory authorities around the world providing strategic advice, practical guidance, technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

We help our clients navigate the ever-changing AML/CFT regulatory landscape, mitigate the risks of exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing and ensure effective risk-based frameworks are in place for sustainable supervision.

A different approach to supervision will bring significantly better outcomes and we believe that the future is data driven, digital and facilitated by technology. This technology is ORBS (Online Risk Based Systems) and ORBS will deliver our vision of sustainable supervision for regulatory authorities and corporates alike.

Find out how AMLC can assist and support governments and financial institutions across the globe with sustainable supervision through dashboard-led digital intelligence and analytics.