Trusted Industry Experts

AML Analytics will provide the technologies to enable a holistic approach to the Thematic Review process, empowering Regulators to facilitate optimum use of their own resources and capacity.

Our trusted solutions allow Regulators to monitor their markets and promote a transparent overview of the systems used by regulated entities with the reassurance that independent system testing has been carried out to international best-practice standards.

We will bring technical expertise, system knowledge and resource to perform reviews of the AML screening and monitoring systems used by regulated entities. Our accumulated expertise and the state-of-the-art RegTech and Suptech tools we use make the Thematic Review journey simple and straightforward for Regulators.

We are an independent provider of sanction screening and transaction monitoring system testing technology with no affinity or allegiance to any supplier of automated solutions. 

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Supervisory Insight

During a typical Regulatory review, we will rigorously test the systems of each regulated entity to allow a Regulator to gain important supervisory insight about the strengths and weaknesses of the entities’ technologies that are under examination. AML Analytics will then present the acquired test data and metrics in peer review format.

This process enables a Regulator to investigate and identify any key risks that are emerging or prevalent within their jurisdiction and to take timely and appropriate action. AML Analytics provides a stable, quantifiable metric across an entire market of regulated entities to allow a Regulator to demonstrate the quality of their controls and show transparency in respect of specific market financial crime risks.

Test results will be delivered to the Regulator via Analyser Online, our easy-to-navigate web-based platform which does not require any integration with a regulated entity’s IT infrastructure making the testing process fast and trouble-free.

An Entire Market on a Single Screen

When the Thematic Review testing phase is complete, AML Analytics will ensure that the specific capabilities and weaknesses of each system is clearly communicated. Regulators will have access to high level overview dashboards and will be able to scrutinise the results obtained by each regulated entity in order to fully understand system performance and limitations:

•  The test results of an entire market can be viewed on a single screen using powerful side-by-side comparison graphics to facilitate absolute clarity of a market’s performance.

•  Comparison graphics will be incorporated into a comprehensive and detailed presentation of results

•  An overall, cross-market regulated entity benchmark score will be provided for peer comparison of performance

•  A clear understanding of the remediation steps required by regulated entities will be demonstrated 

•  Outcomes will be communicated using simple graphics, collaborative models and bespoke analysis

•  Common issues faced by regulated entities will be highlighted, including patterns of specific jurisdictional AML risk