Bespoke Testing Heuristics for Regulators  AML Analytics uses Sandbox as an integral part of the Thematic Review sanction screening system testing process. It gives us the capability to deliver all the core requirements of a Thematic Review and to provide ongoing Regulatory supervision and reporting.

Sandbox is an intuitive web-based solution which allows for the creation of bespoke sanction testing heuristics which are configurable to suit a Regulator’s specific risk appetite. Our Sandbox tool allows a Regulator to create bespoke test datasets to be run through selected regulated entities’ sanction screening systems.

It has been specifically designed to test both the effectiveness and the efficiency of screening systems and to determine weaknesses and deficiencies within set sanction detection parameters.

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Check System Performance Across an Entire Market  Sandbox can be used to build general tests which cover a wide selection of sanction and PEP information, as well as specific test datasets to target known weaknesses in a sanction screening system.  This will allow iterative tuning and testing capability to provide ongoing system performance and enhancement across an entire market.

Access to Sandbox is via our portal, Analyser Online where analysis tools provide granular level detail about every sanction record that has been hit or missed by a screening system. There are reports to print and download if required.

When all test results have been compiled and analysed, AML Analytics will set up and deliver Sandbox to the Regulator for ongoing use. This will allow for future testing and on site inspection of additional regulated entities by a Regulator, as well as for continuous scrutiny and checking of screening system results across an entire market.


Single Screen Overview  Regulators will have access to high level overview dashboards showing the results for every regulated entity following Sandbox testing.

They will be able to scrutinise the results obtained by each regulated entity in order to fully understand system performance and limitations, and then set targets for improvement.

The test results of an entire market can be viewed on a single screen using powerful side-by-side comparison graphics to facilitate absolute clarity of a whole market’s overall performance.

Comparison graphs allow for clear benchmarking of market performance and will assist with the setting of expected standards moving forward for each regulated entity.