Unique Testing Solutions

AML Analytics offers Bespoke testing for sanction screening systems whereby we will design and create a test according to a customer’s specific testing requirements. A Bespoke test will be carefully tailored according to a customer’s jurisdiction and risk appetite in terms of sanction list selection and test record type. 

A customer may specify if a screening system’s fuzzy logic matching capabilities are to be tested with the inclusion of different algorithms to manipulate records in the Manipulated test file and if a risk adjusted score to amend the result of risk decisions already made should be included. Control test records can also be included to test the pure matching capabilities of a screening system.

Bespoke testing for sanction screening systems can be carried out to support a specific business objective such as the selection of a new vendor, a screening system upgrade or an internal audit process. Our Bespoke tests will ultimately help a financial institution understand the efficiency and the effectiveness of a sanction screening system.

AML Analytics are able to supply Bespoke tests to assist financial institutions with the fine-tuning of a sanction screening system and also with the testing process of multiple system thresholds.

Test results will be available to view in our portal, Analyser Online where you can carry out detailed analysis of results and False Positive rates by viewing test records that have hit and missed in the granular level detail that is now expected by Regulators

Bespoke testing can be arranged on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as periodic sample testing, or merely as a one-off test.


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Control and Manipulated Explained

Control tests are created by using records exactly as they appear on sanction lists and without making any changes to these names. We refer to these datasets as Control tests which are designed to test the pure matching capability of a system. A Control test may include unchanged primary names and aliases of individuals, entities vessels, aircraft, countries, territories and BICs (Business Identifier Codes) on sanction lists.

Manipulated tests include records that have been changed using algorithms from the way they appear on sanction lists in order to copy how a criminal might change their name or to emulate mistakes made at data entry level. Using Manipulated data in tests will test the fuzzy logic matching capabilities of a sanction screening system.  It is normally harder for a sanction screening system to hit against records in a Manipulated test than in a Control test.