AML Analytics are delighted to to announce the launch of their newest RegTech solution, Threshold Analyser. Threshold Analyser is a unique, automated approach to identifying optimum threshold parameters when tuning a sanction screening system. The solution has been designed specifically to help analysts with what can be a complicated and arbitrary task and removes entirely the need for a “trial and error” approach.

Our new product will model a decrease in the number of false positives produced by your sanction screening system at each selected threshold but without the need to reduce system accuracy. It will allow you to view maximum efficiency and effectiveness on a single screen before an actual change is made to the sanction screening system itself.

The integrated Optimality Calculator can be used to model potential savings on resource in terms of both time and cost for a financial institution at various specified threshold levels. Model exactly what these cost savings will be for your organisation at any threshold level you wish. Simply enter your own costs into the Optimality Calculator and choose a threshold level.

Find out more about Threshold Analyser here and watch the video to see the product in action.